Saturday, 15 October 2011

Just some day-to-day stuff

As I originally promised in my first blog entry, this is to be about common Day to Day things.  I never knew that it would become a medical journal. With any luck, this will be my last medical-related blog entry.
About two weeks ago, I went "girl shopping" with my dear friend Louisa.  We went up to London to visit "Just Between Friends", a shop that carries under-things for ladies who are current and former cancer patients. (As well as bras for extra well endowed ladies). They carry a wonderful line of wigs, nice hats and mastectomy bras. Thanks to John's insurance coverage, and OHIP coverage, I am now looking like I looked back in March before all this started. (I'm keeping this brief because of the number of gentlemen friends who read my blog - sorry guys)
Over the few weeks, we have been time travelling. The first weekend of October we took part in a War of 1812 Education day, and Saturday/Sunday was the public event at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. As expected, the weather decided to be part rain and lots of cold. Pooka came along with us on Saturday and served as ambassador. John decided both day to stay in town instead of the long hike for the dam battle, and "guard" the town.  He stood on the main corner and greeted visitors to the Village and gave information, directions, and talked about the period and his uniform and especially the musket.
I also got to a "first-time" of my own. My friend Sue Spencer, owner of Spencer's Merchantile, had a meeting on Saturday afternoon, and gave me the opportunity to watch her shop as a part-time volunteer. It was fun experiencing life as a merchant.  (Any time you need more help - just yell)
At the end of the merchant stands, Katie and I are in the grey capes with  Pooka  making friends.

This is John on "his" corner visiting with Katie and Pooka

John on duty.
Under our awning, Pooka is on top of a storage bin covered with a blanket. He's got a white hunting coat over him. Yes, it was COLD!
Our SCA friend Tyler and his son Thomas joined the unit for the day, staying in camp and acting as a "wounded" soldier.  After the official activities, he, Katie and Robby got in some fencing 1812 style. They got quite a few comments from passing people.

The 17th U. S. Infantry on the firing line.
Tyler (left) and Robby (right) En Guarde

The following weekend, we travelled to 1917 for a World War I education day, again at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. Robby was spending the day in the trench as a medic, John was videographer, Katie was the Time Travelling Alchemist Artist, and I was learning a new role - as a presenter of the role of women during the war and on the homefront.  Of course, because this was not the 1812 weekend, it was warm and sunny. I did get my new blouse finished, but I don't have pictures.

Robby as a medic with the Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry.

The next day, we were off for Amherstburg (about 2.5 hours away) for a SCA event.  We went from 1917 to 1570s. John took his turn throwing axes and knives, I was on the archery range for the day, and Katie and Robby were fencing. It as a long day, but loads of fun.
Robby and Katie waiting for their turn.

Tyler and Robby again, this time a different era. Note the point of Tyler sword against Robby's neck!
We are now at the end of most of reenacting season. Our next 1812 will be the first weekend of May, WWI ed days are in mid-May, and the SCA has a few events scattered over the winter.
For me - it's heavy duty research and sewing time. I have promised Katie her own fencing armour instead of the loaner set she's using. She also is getting a new jacket that will look like a kimono to go over it. My friend AJ, who is in the middle of a job search, is helping me make a 15th century kirtle and jacket. I have a beautiful piece of blue twill fabric, and a plaid to match for the jacket.  Since it's difficult to find a proper pattern, she's going to help/teach me to make a pattern from scratch.  It will be a wonderful winter project for us.

The center piece is what I'm going to be making.

In the meantime, life is going on.  Most of my blogs will contain some more common things.  Feel free to comment if you want.

In the meantime - we'll take things DAY BY DAY.