Saturday, 25 June 2011

Post-op report

It's now Saturday about 2pm. Friday went well, with only one nap mid-day and regular tylenol extra strength. Robby even had a Dungeons and Dragons game in the living room, while John, Louisa and I sat downstairs chatting and drinking White Russians.

Last night was a little rough trying to keep settled in bed. (I should have taken a tylenol - now I know) My plan had been to stay home while John and Robby went to the game club and Katie would be in London visiting with her friends. I was in such a down mood, I packed up and came to the club with the guys. I'm a little tired now, but I brought a comfy camp chair and can be comfortable.

Tonight I'm working with Katie to make icing flowers for a birthday party, so it's probably going to be nap time when we get home.

Overall, not a great time, but it could be worse. At least I'm out and about.

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