Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bad news and worse news - more from the doctor

Ok, so it's now Thursday, a full week after my surgery. I went in for stitch removal and the beginning of discussion about radiation therapy.
Don't you know, there's been a change. Apparently the 5cm x 7cm glob of tissue that was removed was biopsied, along with the tissue around the edges. It seems that even with what he removed, there is still some of the "suspicious" tissue left.
I'm now facing a choice. One is to do nothing, perhaps take the radiation, and hope that none of this comes back. Again - if it does, there's a high chance that is will and it will come back very aggressive. The other choice is to prevent any chance of all with a full mastectomy. That means all the tissue gone, but muscle and lymph glands will be left. Next summer would be reconstructive surgery.
So what's next ???
I'm seeing him again next week for the remainder of the stitch removal. Dr. Black gave us (John was with me) a week to discuss it and we can give him an answer then.
So do I submit to a major surgery as a preventative of the inevitable, or do nothing as see when it will happen in the future?

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