Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The decision has been made

After much research and crying, I've decided that it seems that the best course of "treatment" is going to be the mastectomy. The upside is that there will be no further treatment needed, no chance of anything appearing in the rest of my body. We meet with Dr. Black on Friday to give him an answer and discuss dates. The procedure is called a "modified mastectomy" and does not involve the removal of any chest wall muscles or lymph glands, so recovery time will be shortened from what was done years ago, or if the cancer had spread. Next spring, we'll meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss reconstructive surgery. I recently was told that someone in our reenacting community has the same procedure, but her plastic surgeon took the tissue from her abdomen, there by giving her a tummy tuck at the same time! What a deal.
For my friends in the reenacting communities, the timing of things is going well. The surgery will be after the Siege of Fort Erie (Aug 6/7), and I'll be well into recovery by the time of the Grand Tactical at Fanshawe (Oct 1/2) {date for my non-reenacting friends} I'll be able to attend the Trinovantia Nova shire picnic, and possibly Fall Coronation.

In the meantime, I was scheduled to help with our church's Vacation Bible School. I am in charge of the food market, and we are introducing the students to first century Arab foods. My stall is called "Kosher King Foods". Katie stepped up about two weeks ago and offered to help, and she has been my strong right hand. John is there to help when needed, and Robby has been doing food prep work at home. Monday went well, but I came home very tired, and was in bed by 8.30 running a low grade fever. Tuesday I went in, but I was pretty worthless, and slept all afternoon. Wednesday (today), I stayed home. I'm physically doing better, and hopefully will make it in for Thursday and Friday with lots of help and support from Katie, John, and some of the other ladies. Robby might even show up on Thursday, as the other lady who's working with Katie and I will be out for the day.

So there it stands. I've/We've made a decision, and I've been talking to a lot of people about it, as well as online research. If you're around me, you'll find me making jokes about the surgery and other things. It's a case that if I don't laugh, I'll cry.

So.... let's all keep laughing!!!

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