Friday, 19 August 2011

Surgery +1 day

As I promised, here is my latest update.
I went into surgery about 12.30 on Thursday. By 3.00pm I was out of recovery and in my room. Even though our insurance covers a semi-private, the only bed they had was the 4-bed "constant observation room". I was next to a window -  YEAH - and had no one on the same side with me, so it was like a private room.  I had one pain pill, a tamacet, but as of now, that's all I've had. I've got a horizontal suture line from mid chest to even with my shoulder. There's also a drain for a few days that runs on a vacuum system. I was discharged this morning after meeting with the Community Care Access Centre (home care) nurse. I'll have someone come every day until I see the doctor on Friday. They will check my dressing and my drain and keep records for the doctor. I was home and in my comfy chair by 2pm.
Since I've been home, Robby has made me a bowl of soup, and John cooked dinner with Robby cleaning up. John went to get Katie at Fanshawe, and she's been full of talk about her week of Residence Training.  She brought her dirty clothes home, so the kids are now doing laundry for us.

So far ... things are good.

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