Sunday, 25 September 2011

And the newest report is....

It's now been 4 weeks + since my latest surgery, and things seems to be progressing.  I have a 11 inch scar that is healed, but is still tender to the touch. This seems to be "normal" (don't cha just hate that phrase!)
Last Thursday (Sept 22), I met with an oncologist in London. The short answer is that I am considered low risk for any kind of recurrence (factoring in family history and my lifestyle). I will need NO radiation or chemotherapy.  On the other side, I will need to be very careful about getting my annual mammograms, and will need regularly scheduled bi-annual MRIs of the right side just to have a double check in case something does show up. I go to see Dr Black (the surgeon) on Wednesday for what should be a "see ya" visit.  He's also going to give me a referral for a plastic surgeon. I'm going to go talk to the replacement surgeon, but we'll have to see how that goes.  From what I saw online, that would be two, yes two, more surgeries. Maybe I'll just become good friends with "Been-a-Boob" (YES-that's the name of a prosthetics maker!)

On other fronts - I've been sewing like crazy on two blouses for WWI (1914) for Katie and me.  We're going to be helping with Education Days, i.e. school field trips, where students come and learn about the war. For my friends south of the border, WWI is emphasized in schools in Canada.  That war represents the first time that Canadian forces showed their stuff after Canada became an independent country in 1867.
So for the next few weekends Clan Goldsworthy will be time travellers. This coming weekend, we're taking part in an Education Day on Friday and a public event on Saturday and Sunday for War of 1812. John and Robby will be ambushing grade 7/8 students in the woods, Katie will step out of her TARDIS to photograph the day, and I will be representing Canadian heroine Laura Secord. (Don't ask-just hit google!)
The following weekend, we'll be in 1914 on Friday, then mid 1500s on Satuday.
Sunday is church, then Thanksgiving dinner. Monday - quiet family day!

We're still waiting on Immigrations Canada to send for our passports for our visas. When that happens, we take a quick shopping trip across the border and come back as permanent residents.

For Susan and Wendy - I got in a trip to Ikea with my friend A.J. We had a wonderful time shopping for her new, and empty, apartment.  My big purchase was a inexpensive but fun curtain for the front window. (see the pictures below).

So for now, life goes on. Even with my health issues settled for now, I'll still try to keep the blog going with reenacting stories and pictures of my various sewing, embroidery, weaving and sewing projects.

This is the front window with the curtain half opened. (notice Pooka in his chair.)

This is the detail. It's very tempting to grab a box of crayons! 

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